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What Can You Do For Your Health

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What Can You Do For Your Health

I talk to my friends frequently about health how it’s so important for you and how you don’t think about it when you are younger. Because when you are younger, you start taking some bad habits that will eventually become even worse. You always start smoking or drinking when you are younger. It gets you some of that famous rebellious attitude. And in that “fragile” age, you don’t think about how in the future your health will get worse and how that kind of life will have a lot of consequences. So it’s important to talk to kids how smoking and drinking is bad, but you also have to talk to older people as well. Those older people were once kids and they kept those bad habits in their lives.

When you are older, you have stressful things that are part of providing for your family, and taking care of your family. Then, when you start talking about the topic called health, you always have excuses: how it’s too late for you to change bad things in your life and how that helps you to become less stressful. Well, it’s never too late. You must know that. If you want to drink or smoke less, then drink and smoke less.

You must think that in today’s time you may be someone’s role model. It’s not a coincidence when you buy a pack of cigarettes and on a pack says : “kids look up to you.” But at some point you think of yourselves and how can you change those bad habits. It’s too late for me, you would think Well, it’s not. Be more healthy. Work out more, play basketball with friends, go to swim… There are so many opportunities for you. And if you want to do something more for your health, then check out some things you didn’t hear about. Some more inspiration on how to get fitter here

There are some good advice by nutritionists and other people who think about health of other people. Did you know that if you sit more than eleven hours per day, you may die much earlier then you should? As I mentioned, if you practice more, and play some sports, you will avoid sitting for so long. I know that in some jobs you are required to sit more than you want, but think about it from another perspective.

If you have to sit while on your job, then walk back home. Or if you are far away from work, then drive a bicycle. That’s about sitting, but what do you know about food regiment? You all know that fruits and vegetables are healthy, delicious things but also healthy as well. Well prepared meat, with not much oil, and greasy things can be healthy as well. As a matter of a fact, did you know that chocolate can be good for your health?

For example, if you are an adult who eats small portion of chocolate five times in seven days, you will be skinnier than other people who don’t eat chocolate at all. Plus, chocolate is good for your brain cells as well. So, actually I am saying to you that you can get thinner if you eat something sweet and nice.

Just research these things and you can live much longer. It’s never too late to improve your health, by improving your quality of life.

What Is Zumba Fitness

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What Is Zumba Fitness

My friend told me that he started dating recently with some new girl. He really enjoys in this new relationship. He told me that they have a lot in common. They are fans of same movies, TV shows, music etc… She even watches sport so they can always talk about basketball games. The only problem is that he is Chicago Bulls fan, and she is Detroit Pistons fan. For those who don’t know they are, you may say- arch rivals. That’s because of the final games from seasons at the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties.

Nowadays, their clubs aren’t so good but they are very enthusiastic about cheering for their team. Anyway, her passion for sports can be one of the reasons why she looks so athletic. By his words I mean. But, her athletic look can be explained also by the fact that she is a professional dancer. He told me about her passion for dance and that her passion is one of the reasons why he likes her so much. But, I will believe him that the passion is what makes her so great.

So, I wanted to know more about the girl and I asked him what kind of dance she enjoyed the most. I am not familiar with any kinds of dancing, but his response was quite unusual. He said that she was a professional Zumba fitness dancer. I thought it was a joke because Zumba sounds like the name of the cartoon bee. But he explained that she was a part of a great organization that promoted fun way of dancing while staying fit at the same time.

That movement was originally formed in Florida. Its goal is to promote dancing, but most importantly – it’s a kind of an aerobic exercise. Did you remember all fitness commercials at the beginning of the century? Well, some of them could be Zumba fitness commercials. So you may have seen it already. Organization grew so much that it has now its own fashion line and instructors from all around the world. It got so big that there are Zumba fitness schools in Eastern Europe.

And all that came from a dancer from Colombia. It makes you think that anything is possible, when you hear his story. Maybe the final chapter of Zumba fitness popularity is the connection to latin music. It got great promotion from hugely popular music stars such as Pitbull and Wycleaf Jean. And Zumba fitness instructors always proudly mention how J. Lo is also a fan of Zumba fitness.

I was stunned. I consider myself a guy who is well informed and I didn’t hear anything about this. But you always learn something new, and that’s the thing I like the most. So, in conclusion, I can’t wait to meet my friend’s girlfriend. Maybe she can teach me some moves. Maybe I even sign up for her classes. Is there anything better than dancing and staying fit and healthy at the same time ? Long live Zumba!

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